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The Jewish Community by Cora Selzer

The Jewish Community by Cora Selzer

The Jewish Community by Cora Selzer

Calendar June 13, 2023

Hi everyone, my name is Cora and I was one of the Peer Leadership Fellows this past year. These past 9 or so months have been such a great experience for me and I think every Fellow, so when Or had asked me if I wanted to speak tonight I said of course. In terms of what I would talk about, Or let me choose myself and I decided to speak on the impact of programs in the Jewish community like PLF have had on me and all of those who partake in them.

The Jewish Community has offered my peers and me so many valuable life experiences and skills that are hard to gain a such a young age. From BBYO to 4Front we are thrust into positions of leadership that only some of our peers are given the opportunity of. We learn how to effectively communicate, plan, and delegate responsibly. And when then plans don’t work out how we’d envisioned we must problem-solve. These experiences prepare us for our future, in whatever we choose to do. I am forever grateful to the Jewish community for entrusting its youth and putting time and care into our futures. Silly things like sending a professional email and calling someone cold are skills that I can feel confident and no longer worried about doing, thanks to the opportunities I’ve taken advantage of in the Jewish community.

I have found that as Jewish teens we are given far more trust, support, and responsibility by adults than many other teens get. This faith in our ability is something I do not take for granted and is why I appreciate being Jewish so much. The devotion Jewish leaders give to the future generation is so special and rare. This is why I try to soak in every piece of advice and experience I am given because I know that each person is truly looking out for and want the best for me here in the Jewish community.

To sum it all up, I am extremely grateful for the Jewish community as it has given me my best friends, immeasurable life lessons, and the best connections. I can say that everyone in PLF feels this adoration toward the community as well, or they wouldn’t be here. It is my hope that as a part of this program, we each have helped other Jewish teens find their connection to the Jewish community so that they may be given the same amazing opportunities each of us here has been so fortunate to have.