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4Front’s E3 Network

Program Details:

Welcome Youth Professionals & Partners to 4Front’s E3 Network! Whether you work directly with Jewish teens, supervisor those who work with teens, or are striving towards making teens a priority in your organization- this community is for you.  

Explore where we’re thriving, where we need support, and how we can take one step closer towards growth for ourselves & our teens.  

Expand our understanding of adolescent development and best practices alongside professionals and peers. 

Experience the difference when we actively strive to support each other within the youth professional & partner community.  

Through participation in the E3 network, you will:

  • Develop a strong and supportive network of professional peers
  • Learn best practices from colleagues and experts in your field
  • Discuss emerging and important teen trends 
  • Build your skills, confidence and competence as a Jewish youth professional
  • Gain access to local and national learning opportunities

 2023-2024 E3 Network Components:

  • October Kick-off Event: Build it, Nurture it, They will Come
  • Youth Engagement COP (Community of Practice): We will gather four times this year to connect & share best practices.
  • E3 Full-Day Retreat with Bamidbar
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training for professionals
  • Resources for you including our WhatsApp group, bi-monthly newsletter, and youth engagement professional directory
  • Additional professional development opportunities throughout the year including virtual, expert-led workshops offered exclusively to 4Front through the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative
Hosted by: 4Front E3 Community of Practice – Jan
Thursday, January 11

E3 Community of Practice – Jan

Event Details
Hosted by: 4Front Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification
Thursday, January 31

Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification

Event Details
Subsidized at $36
Hosted by: 4Front E3 Full Day Retreat
April 4, 2024

E3 Full Day Retreat

Event Details
Subsidized at $36

Questions? Contact Sophia Varon at [email protected]