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Meet Isabel Lunken: 4Front’s Engagement Associate

Meet Isabel Lunken: 4Front’s Engagement Associate

Meet Isabel Lunken: 4Front’s Engagement Associate

Calendar September 18, 2023

Isabel is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in architecture and minor in entrepreneurial studies- she is excited to bring her entrepreneurial & peer learning experiences as she runs our Peer Leadership Fellowship and Social Innovation Fellowship. She will also be the CIT Director in the summer and is looking forward to our JCamps spirit.

Isabel grew up locally in Baltimore city and is the first 4Front alum to become a 4Front staff member! Isabel participated in Social Innovation Fellowship in 2017!

Q: Why are you excited to join the 4Front team?

I am excited to engage with Jewish teens across Baltimore by joining the 4Front team. First off, these programs are so interesting and the connections you can make with other teens or mentors are valuable. I grew up in Baltimore City and 4Front resources helped me to grow as an individual and I want to have a role in giving these opportunities to teens.

Q: What will you be doing as the Engagement Associate?

As the Engagement Associate, I will be working to develop meaningful relationships with Jewish teens across Baltimore. I simply want to meet teens and learn from them. Beyond programming it is important to understand how teens engage with their communities. Showing up at events across Baltimore while also building one-on-one relationships will allow me to support and connect with a variety of teens.

Q: What inspired you to want to work with teens?

Working with teens is important to me because I remember how challenging it was to navigate. Utilizing Jewish programming and mentors from the community creates a more engaging atmosphere. Teen spaces and resources are extremely important to have, especially in high school. Specifically working at a Jewish summer camp has aided me to realize the love I have for supporting teens!

Q: What can we expect from the Social Innovation Fellowship and Peer Leadership Fellowship this year?

Both programs have amazing cohorts of teens coming in and I am excited to create some awesome sessions throughout this year! The Peer Leadership Fellowship is starting up later this month and I am so excited for the Shabbaton we are having at Pearlstone this year. We also have some exciting guests coming to run sessions before the teens get the opportunity to take their skills to communities. The Social Innovation Fellowship has their bootcamp coming in November where they will begin developing a social startup and build a prototype with a team and mentor. We are excited to have a NYC Overnight Innovation Tour this winter, where teens will get to explore startups in NYC and learn from entrepreneurs.

“Please reach out to me if you want to meet! I want to hear about you and your life or your experiences in the Jewish Baltimore community. Email or message me!”