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Meet 4Front Parent Connector – Julie Wolff

Meet 4Front Parent Connector – Julie Wolff

Meet 4Front Parent Connector – Julie Wolff

Calendar May 2, 2024

Julie Wolff shares what 4Front means to her and her family. 

How and why did you first get involved with 4Front?

 I became involved in 4Front as my daughter’s 8th grade year began to wrap up and she and I both wanted to find extracurricular programming that dug a little deeper into social action initiatives. As she entered into this more mature phase of her life, she was ready to genuinely embrace activities focused on Tikkun Olam (repair the world) and begin her work towards becoming a real changemaker in our ever-evolving world.  In my career, I have worked with countless teens to address issues related to mental health, interpersonal relationships, and self-discovery, and 4Front checked all of the boxes and more.

What is a favorite 4Front program you or your child have been a part of?

We have only been involved in the Social Innovations Fellowship thus far, and I can honestly say that I have seen some remarkable changes in my daughter already. Not only has she gained valuable hands-on experience in social action entrepreneurship, she has been given diverse opportunities to develop her leadership skills. In working in a year-long program, she has learned how to communicate clearly and effectively, collaborate with a team, and think creatively about solutions to real life problems that face our world.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your involvement in 4Front?

The most rewarding aspect of my involvement in 4Front has been twofold. First, I have watched my daughter develop a sense of power to shape the future. She has learned how to take creative action to solve social problems and I couldn’t be prouder to see her energized to continue her work in enacting change. It has also been very rewarding to talk to other parents who are thinking about getting their children involved in 4Front as I know how impactful this program can be to so many other teenagers. Working with teens in my professional life has taught me how important this phase of life is in terms of establishing a foundation to become a confident and resilient adult. The 4Front programs teach the skills that are essential in becoming an adult who is able to thrive in the Jewish community and beyond, and this has made my involvement in the program extremely rewarding. 

What are you most excited for when thinking about your new role as a parent connector?

As a 4Front parent connector, I am most excited about doing a small part in changing the future of our Jewish community. In my conversations with other parents who are considering this program for their teens, I have found that I, too, can enact change by connecting our Jewish youth to the opportunities that may put them on a path to be the future leaders of our community.

What do you want to tell other parents of Jewish teens about 4Front and our Baltimore community?

What I would tell other parents of Jewish teens and our greater Baltimore community is this: 4Front serves as an incredible gateway to becoming a confident and impactful Jewish leader. In a world that is far more complicated than we (as parents) ever knew when we were teens, 4Front is able to establish a momentum in today’s teens that motivates them to use their energy and skills to connect with others and to better our world. Afterall, our future as a Jewish community lies largely in the hands of today’s youth, and 4Front teaches them to harness their power to change the world while embracing their connection to Judaism.    

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about myself? Well, I just completed writing my first series of books designed to teach empathy, interpersonal skills, and self-advocacy to children and teens. It is scheduled to publish this summer, and will be followed by several more series due for release throughout the upcoming year.  As a child and adolescent therapist, Jewish communal worker, and mother of five, it has long been my passion to help children, teens, and parents through the various stages of growth through coaching and community-building, and this new storytelling project is one more way for me to help my fellow parents and their children through the muck and mire of everyday life.   

Interested in learning more about 4Front programming? Visit Teen Programs | 4Front Baltimore for more information.