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<strong>Why I’m involved with 4Front</strong>

Why I’m involved with 4Front

Why I’m involved with 4Front

Calendar April 17, 2023

Jordan T., 10th Grader, Current Peer Leadership Fellow, Social Innovation Fellowship Alumna shares what it means to involved with 4Front.

Featured from left to right: Gabi M., Zach, Jordan T. (Center), Maya W., Kayla B.

My name is Jordan, and I am a sophomore at Wilde Lake High School. I decided to get involved with 4front through Peer Leadership Fellows and the Social Innovation fellowship because I have been affiliated with the JCC for quite some time. I grew up going to J camps and other jewish programs that the JCC provided. My dad also worked there so I had a connection to 4Front and their programs. My sister was also involved in some of their programs as well.

The most rewarding aspect of these programs has been the connections I’ve been able to make with other Jewish teenagers. I have met a lot of people who experience Judaism in different ways. It is always interesting to learn how people of your same religion interpret and experience it. Both programs have also helped with my communication skills and learning to interact with people in both peer and work settings.

I would highly recommend getting involved in 4Front to other teens because it has given me great opportunities even outside of the programs. I have learned so much and met so many people. I have learned how to see a problem and think of solutions, and I have also learned the impact that I can have on people even if it’s small.

Through PLF, by connecting with peers I have learned a lot about myself and how I interact with people, and I have also learned about the people around me. I can use the skills I have learned in the future and with new people I meet. 4Front has brought me so many opportunities that I would not have gotten had I not been involved.

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