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Find me on the 4Front: Rachel K.

Find me on the 4Front: Rachel K.

Find me on the 4Front: Rachel K.

Calendar September 14, 2022

Rachel Kipperman, is a senior at Roland Park Country School. She really enjoys playing softball, baking sweets, and hanging out with with friends

How did you first get involved with 4Front?

I first got involved at 4Front when I was applying for the Diller Teen Fellows Program.

What has been your most rewarding experience with 4Front?

My most rewarding experience with 4Front was my trip to Israel with Diller. It was an extremely impactful trip; we did a lot of service work and truly connected to the Israelis and people from around the world. My most rewarding experience was meeting the Israelis and getting super close with one of them. Connecting with someone from across the world was insane to me because I never thought that I could get so close with someone in just a short 2 weeks. Meeting them truly made my trip so much better and made leaving really hard.

How do you think your experience with 4Front will impact you in the future?

I think that my experience with 4Front will impact my future positively because it will teach me to be independent. My experience travelling to Israel without my parents and with 19 other kids was challenging in the beginning, but it truly prepared me for being on my own in the future. Diller taught me leadership skills and how to be independent. It also got me involved in Tikkun Olam and spiked an interest in volunteering more often.

Other than 4Front programs, how do you spend your free time or what else are you involved in?

I spend a lot of my time hanging out with friends and going on adventures like tubing, Hershey Park, going to the pool and many others. I also enjoy painting and baking different muffins and cookies.

If you could share one word to describe your 4Front experience, what would it be?


Why is getting involved in Jewish teen programming important to you?

Getting involved with Jewish programming is important to me because I want to make sure I stay connected with my Jewish heritage and identity. It is also important to me to befriend Jewish teens around me to have someone I can connect with on that level as well.

If you could choose one song that symbolizes and defines your time with 4Front, what would it be and why?

Adama Ve Shamayim would be one song that defines my time with 4Front because this was the song that Baltimore and Ashkelon (Ashkemore) would always dance to every time we were together. This memory is very important to me, and my cohort and this song will always represent the love between Baltimore and Ashkelon.

Why should someone get involved with 4Front?

Someone should get involved with 4Front if they want to grow their Jewish identity and leadership skills while making really great Jewish friends from possibly around the world. I would personally recommend getting involved in Jewish activities with 4Front to continue to be involved with your Judaism and make an impact on the world. 4Front has different programs that focus on Jewish Identity, Leadership, Tikkun Olam, and Social Action. All four of these categories are important to learn and experience and are super fun as well.