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Find Me on the 4Front: Jasmine S.

Find Me on the 4Front: Jasmine S.

Find Me on the 4Front: Jasmine S.

Calendar November 30, 2022

Jasmine is a senior at Beth Tfiloh. She plays volleyball and manages the girls’ basketball and boys lacrosse teams. This summer she worked as a lifeguard and Culinary Camp counselor at the J. Fun Fact about her is she will always be walking around with a water bottle or cup of coffee in hand along with a yummy snack!  

How did you first get involved with 4Front? 
I have been a part of the JCC my entire life, and after I completed TNT camp, I was asked to participate in Teen Service Council and then Peer Leader Fellowship by a few staff members who thought the programs would be a good fit for me. Thankfully, they were correct, and I am excited to participate in the pilot program of Gesher for my last year of high school! 

What has been your most rewarding experience with 4Front? 
While I was in PLF, Mr. David Lunken gave us “The Predictive Index” survey. When I received my results, I recognized behaviors, and skills that I exhibited that I never really thought about. It was incredible to take a survey and see how he was able to define the type of person I am based on my answers, and some of them were not behaviors or skills I had thought about when describing myself.  

How do you think your experience with 4Front will impact you in the future? 
My experience with 4Front taught me leadership skills I will take with me for my lifetime and I learned so much about how to network realizing that I know so many people in different places with different occupations and all I have to do is reach out and have a conversation to learn something new every day.  

Other than 4Front programs, how do you spend your free time or what else are you involved in? 
Beside 4Front, I play volleyball everyday in the fall. In the winter I manage our school’s girls basketball team, and in spring I manage boys lacrosse. Although I don’t play sports after volleyball, managing is a way that I support my school’s athletic teams because I don’t play every sport.  

If you could share one word to describe SIF what would it be?

Why is getting involved in Jewish teen programming important to you? 
It helps me meet new people outside of my school but in my community so that I can grow my network while learning important life skills, making memories, and creating core values that I will take with me throughout life. 

If you could choose one song that symbolizes and defines your time with 4Front, what would it be and why? 
You belong with me- Taylor Swift- I would choose this because at the beginning of high school I didn’t recognize the impact 4Front could have on my life and once I realized that if I made the effort to have a stronger connection with the organization  I could get recognized to apply for more programs to help me grow and develop my leadership skills. 4Front belongs with me and has helped shaped my high school into something more than a typical teenage life.  

Why should someone get involved with 4Front?
 Personally, the program I was in PLF, taught me more about reaching out and networking, but in the process, you learn more about who you are and learn what your core values are. In the program I am doing this year, Gesher- I sit on board meetings and learn the important behind the scene decisions that are made by big organizations for the communities they serve. I would get involved because when will you ever take the time in your life to or be given an opportunity to learn new things ever, whether about yourself, or about the community. 

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