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Find me on the 4Front: Jack H.

Find me on the 4Front: Jack H.

Find me on the 4Front: Jack H.

Calendar September 30, 2022

Jack Harburger is a student at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in Baltimore City. He is a soccer goalie for both a club team and his high school team. He loves doing anything with friends as long as it doesn’t get him into trouble. He’s super friendly and loves meeting new people. 

Jack H. (center)

How did you first get involved with 4Front?

I first got involved in 4Front when I joined the CIT program at the JCC which was led by Eli and Diana. That was the first time I experienced the leadership from those in charge of 4front. 

What has been your most rewarding experience with 4Front?

I think my most rewarding thing at 4Front was when me and some other teenagers helped clean the outsides of people’s house who couldn’t get there house ready for winter.  It was a really simple thing but we could see how much it meant to the house owners.

 How do you think your experience with 4Front will impact you in the future?

Recently 4Front has really started to develop my leadership skills. From simple things with just speaking up and talking to organizing small events. This will impact my future as it will give me the necessary skills I need to succeed in college and in future opportunities.

 Other than 4Front programs, how do you spend your free time or what else are you involved in?

Besides 4Front I spend a lot of time playing soccer for either my high school with my friends or my club team. I really find a sense of joy in the sport and it is a nice escape from reality. 

  If you could share one word to describe your 4Front experience what would it be?

One word I would use to describe my 4Front experience would be joy. The reason for this is because I always feel accomplished and happy after doing a 4front program.

 Why is getting involved in Jewish teen programming important to you?

Getting involved in Jewish teen programming is important to me because it reminds me a lot of what my parents did when they were younger. It also connects me back to when I was 7 or 8 when I would look up to the older kids at the JCC and what they would always do left me in awe.

If you could choose one song that symbolizes and defines your time with 4Front, what would it be and why?

One song that symbolizes my time at 4front is the song Happy because even though it is such a simple title it really represents the presence of 4Front. Everyone is so joyful and all the programs are entertaining, fun and something I always look forward to doing.

 Why should someone get involved with 4Front?
Someone should get involved in 4front because it is a really easy way of expanding your Jewish learning and not in a boring way. There are tons of hands on activities and they range on wide varieties of things. It also doesn’t take up a lot of time, some things might be once or twice a month so it’s not a huge commitment  but it is a good one to make.