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Diller 2023 Graduation Speech: Adrian M.

Diller 2023 Graduation Speech: Adrian M.

Diller 2023 Graduation Speech: Adrian M.

Calendar September 22, 2023

First, I want to thank everyone for coming tonight, especially my parents who have supported me throughout this entire cohort, love you guys.

I want to present a short summary on what impact through a Diller lens means to me, and how the values Diller have offered has enriched my outlook on helping others.

Sometime in early January, we had a Mifgash at the Rochlin’s where we spent a majority of the time deciding which local organization we wanted to donate money toward. The precursor to that decision, however, was having us discover which community-oriented values meant the most to us and researching ways to outreach based on those.

That mifgash gave me the opportunity to discover which values I resonate with, and ultimately inspired and idea to support Jews in Ukraine which I got started creating just a few days later.

One of the first people I brought my idea to was Barak and, without hesitation, he insisted on aiding my effort in any way he could.

Thanks to the support of the Diller Staff, my fundraising network expanded, I felt supported in my endeavors, and had the motivation to continue my project.

Without Diller, I wouldn’t have a true foundation to understand what Tikkun Olam means, or how I can personally fulfil that value. Thank you for an amazing year staff and fellows. I couldn’t be more grateful for such an amazing program.