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Program Details:

Flex your leadership muscles and get political! 4Front’s STAC programs teach teens how to advocate for the causes they care about and raise their voices to make a difference. STAC offers multi-week series on relevant topics related to advocacy, activism, social justice, and politics. In these series, teens get to learn about important causes and develop real-world skills in communication, public speaking, civil discourse, student activism, leadership, and more, all while getting to know other local, Jewish teens. Teens will also explore how these topics are connected to our Jewish values and wisdom. You don’t have to be able to vote to make a difference in our community, country, or world, and we’ll teach you how!

Past STAC Series topics include: Lobbying 101, Advocacy in the Digital Age, and Election 2020.

Grades: 9-12

Winter Series: Lobbying 101

Learn the process and skills to advocate for causes you care about and make your voices heard through Maryland’s legislative process! In this short-term winter series taught in partnership with the Baltimore Jewish Council, teens will develop persuasive writing and public speaking skills, learn how government works on local, state and federal levels, explore issues in our community, and understand how these are connected to our Jewish tradition. This STAC experience will culminate with an opportunity to lobby in Annapolis on Advocacy Day with local representatives.

January-February 2024, 5 Sessions + Advocacy Day

Teens Will:

  • Learn how to engage in civil discourse and respectful discussion
  • Gain real-life, resume building, public speaking and communication skills
  • Advocate for causes you care personally about
  • Be exposed to diverse perspective, opinions, and points-of-view
  • Discover how advocacy is an expression of your Jewish values
  • Travel to Annapolis and meet with their representatives


Check back for more information about future STAC programs and series.


For more information, please contact: Barak Stockler at [email protected]